Let me clarify in case she needs a reminder… STFU = Shut the Fuck Up


The effects of higher taxes

It’s simple “back of the envelope” economics. Before you vote, look at your income and think about how proposed taxes will affect your living standards.

Article by Thomas Friedman

Too many hamburgers indeed…

Miss it already!

“On a base level, consciousness is the fact of being awake and processing information. Doctors judge people conscious or not depending on their wakefulness and how they respond to external stimuli. But being conscious is also a neurological phenomenon, and it is part of what allows us to exist and understand ourselves in the world.”

What is Consciousness?

Interesting no? I’ll be pondering this question while off-roading through the Mongolian desert 🙂

Updates soon!

Time to rest

words can’t describe my experience so far.

last night in my sd apt 😦


soon I will be here!


will PORSCHE take the bait?!

Why We Travel

why do you travel?

I will blog more often now since both FB and Twitter are blocked in China. 🙂 oui oui